Social Studies

In their Social Studies classes, students at Arts engage in exploratory curriculums that provide students an opportunity to think critically, and to read, write, and speak like historians.  The curriculums integrate multimedia resources, including primary and secondary sources, images, videos, and maps, that create a student-driven approach to instruction. In doing so, the Social Studies Department helps foster students’ capacity to take charge of their own learning as they grapple with complex questions about change, continuity, and power – so called “enduring issues” that have persisted over time.  By focusing on issues that continue to affect society today, the Social Studies Department seeks to prepare students for life beyond high school and college by developing, as Antoinette Burton describes, “a skill set for apprehending the world, past and present, that is adaptable to both their larger pursuit of study and their lives as 21st Century citizens.”

Courses of Historical Study currently offered at Arts:

  • Global History and Geography
  • US History
  • Government and Economics
  • AP US History
  • AP Government

…And more courses to come as the Social Studies Department works to develop engaging, rigorous electives to offer students!