Admissions Code: X51A

Online registration for 2019 is closed. Thank you to all who have attended and auditioned for our programs.

We look forward to working with you in 2020. Make sure to remember to rank Fordham High School for the Arts (x51A.)

Admissions Code: X51A


Please revisit in the Spring for information about spring term open houses…

Audition Information

Auditions begin at 9:00 am sharp.

Current 7th grade parents and students re-visit in the Spring for next year’s audition dates.

Parents/Guardians are encouraged to accompany the students to the auditorium for our OPEN HOUSE session but will not be allowed to sit in during the auditions.



Participate in both a ballet class and a modern dance class. Applicants must wear ballet shoes and fitted dance attire. A prepared one-minute solo in any style is highly recommended.


Perform two memorized contrasting monologues (one minute each) for example: dramatic/comedic, classical/contemporary, or theater/film. Choose characters close to your age and decide who your characters are talking to and why. Perform an on-demand dramatic or movement activity (e.g. impromptu reading from provided script or improvisation). Wear attire that allows free movement.

Music Production and Engineering/Instrumental

You may audition on more than one instrument. Perform a prepared solo selection. Bring your own instrument(s) (except piano, tuba, double bass, harp, percussion and guitar amplifiers, which are provided by the school). Audition includes on-site music tasks (may include singing back melodic patterns, tapping back rhythmic patterns, play selected scales, or completing a sight reading, music theory or improvisation task).

Technical Theater

Applicants are expected to construct a 3 dimensional model illustrating their original design of a stage setting for one of the following plays: “THE CRUCIBLE” or MIDSUMMER NIGHT’S DREAM. Students should be prepared to talk about their design choices. Models are to be the size of a shoebox or larger. Applicants will also participate in a small-group, hands-on practical activity in one or more aspects of technical theatre.

Visual Arts

Prepare and present a portfolio with 8-15 pieces of original artwork with a diversity of subject matter and use of media. Three-dimensional pieces may be photographed and included in the portfolio. Complete up to three drawing assignments at the audition. Drawing assignments may include: the human figure and drawing from observation or imagination.

Vocal Music

Perform a song that you have prepared and bring the sheet music in your key. Song recommendations may also be listed on school websites. Vocal singers will also be asked to repeat vocal phrases to test rhythm, tonal memory, and basic vocal technique. Ability to incorporate directions from teacher will be considered.