Mission Statement

We recognize the needs of artistically talented students to attend a local high school that offers a strong instructional program in Instrumental and Music Production Engineering, Vocal Music, Technical Theater, Dance, Drama and Visual Arts. These disciplines are incorporated into the regular school day. Our standards-based, four-year program is designed to prepare all students with the choice of attending an institution of higher learning in a traditional academic area or in performance/visual arts.

About Our School

Fordham High School for the Arts is a school that is housed in the Theodore Roosevelt Educational Campus at 500 East Fordham Road, Bronx, New York 10458. The school is centrally located in Bronx County, across from Fordham University. Theodore Roosevelt Campus is located between East Fordham Road on the north, 189th Street on the south, and between Bathgate and Washington Avenues on the east and west respectively.

Currently, the school occupies the west wing of the second floor. Our present student population is approximately 380 students, grades 9 – 12. We are projected to receive an incoming class of approximately 135 students, for the 2018-2019 school year. Fordham High School for the Arts offers free or low reduced lunch for students who qualify.

The strengths at Fordham High School for the Arts lie in its mission to create a fine and performing arts program in the Bronx. A partnership with practicing artists affords students the opportunity to explore and develop their talents in various mediums of artistic expression. Fordham High School for the arts supports a culture where the arts are valued within a comprehensive college preparatory program.

A credit intervention program meets after school, Monday through Thursday and Saturdays. We follow Department of Education Guidelines for promotion and prepare our students to be enrolled in summer school if the need arises. In this way, we hope to keep all students working towards diploma requirements in conjunction with their respective cohorts.



Ms. Blige

Assistant Principal

Mr. Johnson, Jr.


Mrs. Martinez

Social Worker and College Readiness

Mr. Daley
Ms. Diaz
Ms. Weaver

Creative Arts Team

Mr. Easter- Vocal
Ms. Key- Drama
Mr. Lugo - Dance
Ms. Mota- Visual Arts
Dr. Nero
Mr. Schreiner- Technical Theatre


Mr. Kurt Kelley

Ms. Linda Key

Mr. Richard Lugo

Ms. Lisa Mota

Mr. Elijah Schreiner

Ms. Laura Amoruso

Ms. Khrystie Ann- Clark

Ms. Casey Stisser

Ms. Dibett Lopez

Mr. Nicholas Verrillo (Sp. Ed.)


Ms. Amoruso
Ms. Clark
Mr. Curti
Ms. Lopez
Mr. Scheffler
Ms. Stisser
Mr. Verrillo


Ms. Capriglione
Mr. Combs
Ms. Salzano


Ms. Hasen
Mr. Mazzarano
Mr. Miller
Ms. O'Connor
Ms. Rich


Ms. DeMayo
Ms. Edwards
Mr. Figuerres
Mr. Alsaidi
Dr. Okoko

Social Studies

Mr. Curti
Ms. De Los Santos
Mr. Papadopoulos
Ms. Scott
Mr. Reed
Mr. Beharry

Physical Education

Mr. Ginter
Mr. Tina

Support Staff

Mr. Green
Ms. Ingram
Mr. McCray
Ms. Ouk
Ms. Placencio
Mr. White


Ms. Mitchell
Ms. Portorreal

Library/ Media Specialist

Ms. D' Elia